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Lesico Ltd. and its subsidiaries specialize in sophisticated infrastructure projects. The Group is engaged in developing, planning, financing, building and maintaining projects in the areas of energy, environment, railways, maintenance of broad-flow pipeline systems, and installations in the microelectronics, pharmaceuticals and food industries.
Lesico's energy division implements complex projects in the field of natural gas including construction of gas lines and installations for reducing pressure and measuring high-pressure systems for the Israel National Gas lines Co. as well as converting and readying industrial plants for natural gas, gas systems and mechanical assemblies for power stations. In addition, Lesico is lead contractor for fuel and jet fuel systems and builds terminals and pipelines for the Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Co., Petrochemical and Energy Infrastructures, Israel Airports Authority, and the Ministry of Defense. Lesico has the EN3834-2 standard which is vital for companies in this field.
Lesico's Environment Division plans, builds and operates advanced wastewater purification plants for secondary and tertiary treatment, complex pumping stations, desalination plants, sludge treatment plants and reactors for treating smells. Activities are carried out for leading infrastructure owners in Israel such as IGUDAN Dan Regional Association for Environmental Infrastructure, local authorities and water and sewage corporations. Through its subsidiary A.L.D., Lesico operates and maintains advanced wastewater purification plants in Israel. Through its subsidiary A.L.A., Lesico operates the world's most advanced handling of brine.
Lesico's Railways Division plans and builds railway projects including railway stations, command and control buildings, and railways built with graves and concrete. Lesico has laid hundreds of kilometers of railway tracks in Israel and abroad and also provides services for the light railway and industrial infrastructures with railways. The company was recently awarded, with partners, the Emek Railway project, which is worth about NIS 850 million.
Lesico's Maintenance Division for Flow Systems is one of the largest in Israel and as part of this vision Lesico provides maintenance and development services for municipal water and sewage systems through long-term service agreements and is available 24/7. Lesico provides services to most water and sewage corporations in Israel, to local authorities and government bodies such as the Ministry of Defense, Prisons Service, Israel Police, Ministry of Defense Procurement Unit, Israel Airports Authority, and more.
Lesico's subsidiary Lesico Pipeline Conveyance Ltd. is one of Israel's most prominent companies for laying pipeline conveyance systems for plants including work in cleanroom conditions such as at Intel and integrating it into the complex work environment of operation industrial plants such as Teva, Vishay, Coca Cola and more. The company owns a plants for manufacturing prefabricated pipeline systems built in cleanroom support equipment systems, approved work procedures and leading and the most experienced staff in the field.
Lesico has ISO 9001 standard certification see the provision of quality, secure service that meets the timetable required by customers as a value of the utmost importance. The company is a registered contractor and holds a unique contractor classification system including unlimited classification for most areas of industry.