Shlomo Leshman founded the company together with Yehiel Leshman (a discharged soldier) Sidi Yitzhak and Alfred Cohen. From the very beginning of her career, she thought of establishing a professional body that would deal with large oil and gas works built in the country in the civil and military spheres.

מסילת עכו כרמיאל (1)
Entry into the field of railways

This was a leap forward for the company, the transition from infrastructure pipes to large and complex projects in the field of Israel Railways to the conclusion received from the railway manager (Maj. Gen. Millie Bar Kochba) a complex task The construction of a railway to Lesico established a professional and special system that took control of the technologies in the course of its achievements led to significant shortening of times in projects in Israel and thus left its mark in the field of welding and fusion with advanced technologies.

תמונה ראשית-טיבכו
Entry into the field of environmental protection

Lesico collaborated with the Elco Group as part of dealing with the privatization process in Israel in the field of wastewater treatment, which in fact opened a new era in Israel, the partnership acquired a concessionaire in the treatment of wastewater treatment plants in Gan Yavne, managed to streamline the processes and accelerated the schedules in the purification process and control the process chemically using innovative work methods in the execution field.

תמונה ראשית-פרוייקטים אחזקה
Entry into the field of urban maintenance

Lesico established a division for the treatment of wastewater-related facilities in various heads in Israel, by winning tenders accordingly, teams were built that offered quick and professional solutions in the wastewater treatment plants.

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Entry into the field of process piping

A leap forward and entry into a new field, the construction of clean piping assemblies at a very high level in the chip industries and the treatment of clean rooms The company gained great trust on their part and led to cooperation in the establishment of special factories of Intel.

Entry into the field of natural gas (energy)

From the very beginning of Lesico's career, she led in the field of fuel, and at the same time we understood that the field of natural gas would become critical and therefore a unit was established that led the field of natural gas in Israel.

big-אורות רבין
Entry into the field of a power plant

Following the company's strategy, it will be necessary to establish a unit to handle the various power plants in the country (coal and gas) also in the field of construction and maintenance of the complex complexes.

אורמיד'ן -תמונה רארשית

As part of Lesico's work in Igudan projects, the company decided to enter into a credit for the treatment of organic oils and minerals and established a factory with cooperation with Magnesi within the association.

לסיכו-בורסה-הנפקה 2
Public Offering on the Stock Exchange

As the company's activities progressed, it was clear that fundraising and other fundraising and financing options were needed to enable the capital base required for its growth in the coming years.

תמונה ראשית--מבני ציבור
First purchase of Poldmir

The company understood that Israel requires classified construction for its security needs. In 2018, Lesico acquired Poldmir (specializing in security work), which is managed by managers and skilled teams for Ministry of Defense projects.