The Company's Vision

Yehuda Leshman

CO Chairman Lesico Group

The Lesico Group will professionally manage the quality of its employees. Therefore, first and foremost, we must recruit suitable people into our ranks and nurture them so that they become the best and their earning capacity will increase. At the heart of Lesico’s relative advantage is its intellectual capital. That is, high-level professionals, with self-confidence and generosity to share the knowledge they have in order to turn it into such a business advantage that will allow us to get the right of first refusal to carry out projects on the market. This skill – to learn, to produce unique knowledge, to turn it into organisational knowledge in a flash and to translate all of these into vigorous and determined action in new markets – is the relative strategic advantage that we must constantly strive and refine. This relative advantage will be better expressed in the new, and less obvious, more challenging worlds, which allow the future to come in the best possible way. Likewise, we will always have equal virtues of entrepreneurial spirit, learning ability, courage and curiosity as a way of life. This skill must be used in all branches of infrastructure and everywhere in the world. In the background will stand the parent company with the rich professional experience, financial stability and necessary business infrastructure. At the forefront, agile niche companies will operate, which are good at identifying opportunities in the market, developing the required professional knowledge and storming them with the desired passion and aggressiveness. The ability to enjoy economies of scale without suffering from its shortcomings is the delicate equilibrium along which we must move. Lesico is a robust company from the very beginning, among its founders there have always been people with clear values who have created a strong and determined organisational culture. In the infrastructure industry, the challenges are so varied that there is not a single person, however talented, capable of controlling them all. To do this, we must rise above ourselves, wisely and efficiently unite people and abilities so that the resulting whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. Sikku will cultivate as a value, its ability to serve as a creative and inclusive platform for talented people, subcontractors and managers in the subsidiaries, so that they will be expressed in accordance with their relative advantages and from cooperation will derive profit for all concerned. All of Lesico’s activities will be conducted with environmental and community responsibility and with full transparency.

Yechiel Leshman

CO Chairman Lesico Group

The Lesico Group believes that the spirit of initiation and development together with the preservation of a culture of strict compliance with its obligations and values as an entity with a family character and will continue to be an example and model for companies in Israel for the informed and efficient use of its resources, for the benefit of shareholders, employees and work providers and all factors related to the Group’s complex activities. The test will be, as always, the satisfaction of the many customers and they want to assist her in all the work processes, including approving bills on time and in a fair manner. The Group will continue to deepen and improve the diverse areas of activity it has built over the years of its activity, to maintain excellence in execution and to develop competitive and sustainable work methods. The leaders of the activity will ensure personal responsibility for each project, the adoption of new technologies and the transfer of vital relevant information required of them in modern digital communications in cooperation with work teams and contractors in a good spirit and professionalism. c. The activity managers and employees will continue with greater vigor to ensure the quality and safety of the projects as required by agreements in cooperation and effort for continuous improvement. D. Financial management will be conducted using the latest tools combined with the group’s control and project managers in real time, to discover gaps in the mandatory project and general cash flow while ensuring that the deviations are corrected, and investigations regarding significant projects.