Since its establishment in the 1950s by Mr. Shlomo Leshman, Lesico, has branded itself as an industry leader and a strong brand as a basis for continued long-term growth and profitability. The focus on growing niches with significant barriers to entry and the constant identification of new areas of activity has created synergy between the Group’s companies that enables maximizing capabilities and providing an integrated and efficient response to customers.

Lesico process piping

Lesico Process Piping Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Lesico Oil Group, which was established in Israel in 1969. It is located in the Kiryat Gat industrial zone near the Intel factory, our company is engaged in the supply and installation of process piping systems.


The company’s reputation was acquired during its years of operation thanks to its professional capabilities, maintaining the quality of work, meeting schedules and budgetary framework.


Responsible for the construction and operation of a facility for the treatment of organic and mineral oils on behalf of the Dan Cities Association – Environmental Infrastructures (“Igudan”), for the treatment of organic, mineral and organic oils and for the absorption of sanitary wastewater at the Shafdan facility in Rishon LeZion.

Established for the purpose of treating contaminated soils. The company is building a facility for the treatment of contaminated soils and has also signed a contract with the Environmental Services Company Ltd. (a government company) under which it will finance, build and operate a facility for the treatment of contaminated soils with the company’s commitment to environmental services for the supply of contaminated soils.


A.L.A. Environmental Infrastructures has a concession from the Ministry of Economy to operate a terminal for the removal of plant brine deep into the sea in the Akko Bay. The terminal provides an essential service for the removal of brine to about 30 plants (with permits for discharge into the sea) in the northern region and flows them by underwater pipeline to a distance of about 1400 meters from the coast.